Medical Student Advances Research on Pituitary Adenomas at EuRREB

Leiden, Netherlands – Elise Roeleveld, a medical student at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), has recently completed a notable research internship at the European Registries for Rare Endocrine and Bone Conditions (EuRREB). Her work focused on pituitary adenomas, a rare type of endocrine tumor.

During the initial phase of her internship, Elise meticulously entered patient data into the pituitary module at two prominent Dutch centers: LUMC and Amsterdam University Medical Centre (AMC). In collaboration with Loren van der Hoeven, a PhD candidate at AMC, she developed a comprehensive manual for the pituitary module. This manual, designed to streamline data entry and analysis, includes critical definitions and key time points.

“It was very rewarding and educational to contribute to improving the pituitary module,” Elise remarked about her experience.

The latter part of her internship involved rigorous data analysis. Utilizing e-REC, Elise investigated the incidence of pituitary adenomas at Dutch expert centers. Additionally, she examined diagnostic delays, surgical timelines, and predictors for recurrence in patients with Cushing’s disease and non-functioning adenomas using the Core Registry.

A significant milestone during her internship was the launch of the venous thromboembolism (VTE) tabule in January. This new feature aims to monitor VTE complications in pituitary adenoma patients. Elise initiated data entry for the VTE tabule and calculated the incidence of these complications.

Capping off her internship, Elise had the opportunity to represent EuRREB at the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE) in Stockholm. “Attending the congress and representing the registries and Endo-ERN was a fantastic experience,” she shared.

Reflecting on her internship, Elise expressed gratitude for the invaluable insights she gained into scientific research and the critical role of standardized data collection in managing rare diseases. “I had a great time at the endocrinology department of LUMC and with the registries team,” she concluded.

Elise’s contributions underscore the importance of dedicated research and collaboration in advancing the understanding and treatment of rare endocrine conditions.

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