New Pediatric Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Module launched

The European Pediatric Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma (ped-DTC) Study Group proudly announces the launch of its specialized module. This module, initiated in January 2024, aims to advance understanding and treatment outcomes for pediatric patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Pediatric DTC is a rare disease, making it challenging for individual study sites to gather sufficient clinical data for conclusive research. In response, EuRREB is fostering collaboration among multiple institutions across Europe to compile comprehensive datasets.

Key Objectives of the Module include:

  1. Increasing Knowledge: By evaluating the incidence and outcomes of ped-DTC cases, the module seeks to enhance understanding of prevalence, treatment modalities, and patient outcomes across Europe.
  2. Facilitating Collaborative Studies: Through the creation of a European ped-DTC cohort, researchers and clinicians gain access to standardized, well-characterized patient data, easing enrollment into linked studies and clinical trials.

The module, seamlessly integrated into the EuRREB Core Registry, collects vital information ranging from anamnestic data to post-treatment outcomes and recurrences. It offers a user-friendly interface and detailed instructions for utilization.

For those interested in joining the ped-DTC Study Group or seeking further information, inquiries can be directed to Together, through collaborative efforts, the ped-DTC module aims to drive advancements in diagnosis and treatment for young patients battling thyroid cancer.