New Module! Gender Incongruence

This condition specific module was launched in October 2023 and is the work of the Gender Incongruence Study Group.

The access to transgender healthcare, especially for children and adolescents, varies extremely across Europe, depending on where they live. In some countries, it is even virtually impossible.

This condition-specific module is aiming to collect some basic information in order to map transgender healthcare across Europe, to analyze the trends and hopefully to deliver a better and more homogeneous care to transgender and gender diverse youth.

Want to start using the module? Get access to the Core Registry and read the instructions on how to use the module.

After entering the patient in the core registry, the Gender Incongruence module appears automatically and is ready to use.

If you have questions or interest in joining the working group, please contact us on

The full data dictionary can be downloaded here, when available.

The module collects information on

  • Transition type and details;
  • Mental health comorbidities;
  • Gonadal hormonal suppression;
  • Gender-affirming therapy;
  • Fertility preservation;
  • Surgical treatment.