Affiliate Registries

Affiliate Registries

Signposting health care providers and patients to high quality detailed condition registries is one of the central aims of EuRRECa and EuRR-Bone. We are achieving this aim by developing a list of affiliate registries.

Why should an existing registry consider to become affiliated registry?

  • Our information sheets and consent forms can be used for the affiliate registry as well as the Core Registry
  • Data entered in the Core Registry can be shared with the affiliate registry
  • Greater visibility of the affiliate registry through the EuRRECa/EuRR-Bone channels of dissemination
  • Greater likelihood of sustaining high quality detailed condition registries
  • Opportunities to exchange experiences on the activities and sharing methodological tools for improving the registry quality

Registries seeking affiliate status should complete the Affiliate Registry Form. Please note a separate form should be completed for each registry.

This form has been developed based on the criteria which have been highlighted in the article: “Recommendation for Improving the Quality of Rare Disease Registries”.

These quality criteria have acceptability amongst the rare disease community for the self-evaluation of rare disease registries, with high levels of consensus for the proposed quality criteria reported in the article: “The Quality Evaluation of Rare Disease Registries – An Assessment of the Essential Features of a Disease Registry”.

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List of Affiliate Registies